Gel blaster vs airsoft

The benefits of such designs included better firing control due to smaller caliber and improved portability and mobility for close quarter battles CQB. Please keep in mind that all FPS feet per second readings provided are also rough approximations and that the gel balls you use will have an impact on what kind of reading you will get due to gel ball diameter size variations.

The Vector V2 offers superb attention to detail both inside and out while also having the most features of any gel ball blaster to date. Constructed of predominantly durable nylon, the robust build quality is pretty much as good as it can get for a gel ball blaster.

No matter where you grab this thing, it feels solid from head to toe. It has two ambidextrous firing switches, one for safety and the other for controlling the firing modes consisting of semi-automatic, 3 round burst and fully automatic. The stock is both adjustable and can fold and clip to the side of the blaster if you wish to minimize the length.

gel blaster vs airsoft

It also comes with another threaded stock adapter which allows to you to attach AEG stocks tubes Just like you would with an M4 blaster.

This magazine-fed blaster worked well when switching between firing modes and rarely miss-fired a shot, if at all. The magazine is electronically fed and holds roughly gel balls at a time.


There is also a magazine-priming feature which is sure to impress. This blaster hits around FPS which is pretty amazing for its size. The blaster comes with a 7. Be wary of using high discharge This does unfortunately mean that A drum magazine is also available for the Vector V2 watch the drum mag in action.

I was truly surprised by how good the Vector V2 was. The performance, the feel, the features, it all added up to giving the best experience I personally think you can get from an SMG gel blaster at this point in time. Despite the mosfet not liking high discharge Click here to purchase this blaster on Ebay.A Gel-gun or hydro blaster is a toy firearm that slots in somewhere between a paintball gun and an airsoft gun.

Indeed, many overseas paintball fields operate games covering all three disciplines. They are taking the country by storm and this is understandable because as toys go, they are pretty cool. Unfortunately, many vendors are advising people that they are legal in Australia and this is not universally so. Most Gel-guns are imitation firearms and are therefore prohibited from importation without a permit. Gel guns are made of plastic, and contain a metal motor that projects the gel-soft pellet.

Many are delivered in a clear plastic form and require assembly and painting, making detection by customs a nightmare. They are also readily upgradable, with add on, or supplementary parts such as an exchange of motor, that one can be upgraded to provide air-soft velocities. Metal parts can also be imported that have the effect of giving the gel soft gun a more realistic feel.

There are three sources for Gel guns- local on-line suppliers, overseas suppliers and a small number of shops that have appeared locally — although in NSW these have been shut down. If you are shot by a gel pellet, it will raise a small welt, not unlike, and smaller than one you would get from a paint ball, an airsoft pellet can at short range penetrate a soda can.

Hardly likely to kill someone, although it could cause an eye injury if an eye was hit.

Gel blaster upgraded

This raises a particular concern given our open borders and the fact that these toys are already in the community in some number there is a risk that an irresponsible youth could easily create a school lock down, and wind up being shot by Police who are seeking to prevent a school shooting.

A client who operates a Paint ball field recently obtained the following ruling from the NSW Firearms Registry regarding the legal status of Gel Blasters. This interpretation is correct :.

Item 5 — Any self-loading centre-fire rifle of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes. Item 6 — Any self-loading shotgun of a kind that is designed or adapted for military purposes. There are no provisions in the Regulations that are relevant to this advice.

Sadly, I have to agree with this advice. Whether authorities like it or not, as a result of global trade, Gel-guns are here and here to stay.

gel blaster vs airsoft

I believe there needs to be a sensible policy debate regarding how these items are to be regulated. Simply treating them as prohibited firearms is a legal overkill that shall cause considerable hardship, and for once, a degree of leadership is needed by regulators. If you are thinking about getting a Gel Guns or trading in them, check with the Firearms Registry in your state or territory and also with Border Force before ordering one and get their response in writing.

Simon Munslow is a lawyer who has a lifelong interest in shooting, having acquired his first firearm at the age of nine, and has had an active interest in firearms law since writing a thesis on the topic over thirty years ago at University. Simon Munslow practices extensively in Firearms Law matters throughout Australia. This article is written for general information only and does not constitute advice. He can assist you with:. Comments Comments.Although they are similar in most cases, their firing mechanism, ammo, gun types and parts are very different.

They are usually made out of plastic but use a metal motor to project the pellet out of the gun — while there are metal parts that will make it look more realistic, they can be a real nightmare to import. Of course, this is no excuse not to wear safety gear like goggles, knee pads, small helmet and so on, as injuries can occur when you least expect them too.

Similar to paintball guns, pellet size can vary between 6 and 15 mm, depending on the type of calibre — with the most common size being either the 7mm or 8 mm one. Unlike a gel blaster, the paintball gun has multiple gun types and it uses barrel plugs, oftentimes called barrel condoms or covers, which provide extra safety. The most popular type of paintball gun is the mechanical gun which is then followed by the pump type, electric sear tripper and the less popular pneumatic poppet valve, spool valve and the spring return system — which is a hybrid from the previous two.

A paintball gun has a mechanism similar to an actual firearm but instead of gunpowder, it uses compressed air in order to project the paintball. Unlike a gel blaster, a paintball gun has two feed types — a centred and an offset feedneck style. The centred feed is positioned on the top centre of the gun and in order to aim you need to sight down from the side of the barrel which can be an unnatural position for some.

The offset feed type is oriented to either the left or right side of the body, usually the right which provides more clearance by allowing you to sight straight down the centre of the barrel, making it better for red dot sights and scopes. View all posts by lifeandothertips. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Paintball gun Unlike a gel blaster, the paintball gun has multiple gun types and it uses barrel plugs, oftentimes called barrel condoms or covers, which provide extra safety. Share this: Twitter Facebook.Check out our latest additions for Blasters, Accessories and Parts.

We provide the best in quality for all our customers. RX AKM HQ MP5K. HK UMP Add to Cart. Quick View. It has a In warfare, The newest version of the Bingfeng Mp7 brings together the comfortable and compact design you know and love, with several new features reinventing this classic gel blaster once again.

Sporting a rubber coated high quality nylon reciever and super responsive Sold Out.

gel blaster vs airsoft

This gel blaster comes with a physical safety switch, a mag prime, suppressor and Latest Blaster Reviews. Gen 12 Blaster Review.

Is this the quickest review that we have ever done??? We will be bringing out a more in depth review in the near future. As of this video we are preparing for the So what does this mean for a gelblaster I hear you ask??? Well that is where we got the shape for the MK18 Pro Gold the classic shape of a battle tried Gen 8 Scout Blaster Review. M4A1 Style Gen 8 Scout at an amazing price point.

If you ever thought about getting into the sport then this is a great choice to start with. Watch our quick overview Someone recently bought a.

This website use's cookies to help customers with a better user experience. Please accept to get the best performance. Close Customer Login:. Forgot your password? Create An Account.Rocky Joel. Irene Rose. Nathan Rowe. Currency: AUD. Item s : 0. Estimate Shipping Cost. Out Of Stock. Continue Shopping View My Cart. Come back in stock at 10th. Detail Reviews. And this kit can make your gel m24 gun to next level.

Parcel will come with metal cylinder,metal spring guide,metal cylinder head,etc as all you can see in the pic. But the spring in this kit is a original 1.

So if you need some more powerful spring for this V2 kit or your v1. They got some awesome airsoft spring that can fit with this kit very good. The extra bolt strength makes it so much more reliable.

I recommend this as a first upgrade before any, as modifying the standard plastic bolt will just break it. Very happy Baller! Irene Rose The quality of the accessories is good. I bought it for the first time. I will be your long-term customer and have a good cooperation. Nathan Rowe The quality of the baby received is very good, but the screw on the cylinder head costs me so much that I can screw it to the end. The rest are quite good.

Write a Review. You May Also Like. LH Vector Gen. Wechat service gelballmod. Subscribe To Our Newsletter.New to the scene, Gel Blasters are making waves as the next big thing in toys and simulated battle weaponry.

The ABC has reported that Queensland is currently allowing Gel Blasters to be sold as toys, due to the ammunition not being classified as a projectile. This gives a lot motion towards what we may see come through in the future, in regards to the design of propellants and toy gun ammunition.

NSW is currently seizing shipments of Gel Basters from Queensland but one importer has won a legal battle already, in which the courts not deeming Gel Blasters as firearms.

gel blaster vs airsoft

This is really good news for Airsoft and Gel Blaster Enthusiasts around Australia as it gives manufacturers a stable base to build their Airsoft and Gel Blaster designs on. You could think of Gel Blasters as messy Nerf alternatives as they have the same basic operation.

Due to the fact that Airsoft is illegal considered firearms the sport of gel blasters is starting to gain popularity, primarily due to legality, even if it is a little more expensive to purchase the guns.

With that said, there are multiple businesses in Queensland currently selling these items. To name a few:. Previous Post. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.There are so many questions that come up when it comes to Gel Blasters and how they fit into the legal frameworks in Australia.

I am going to try to explain some of the facts that I know from the Past year of fighting with Customs, the Attorney Generals Department and also the Queensland police. The first thing I will say is that the general police officer on the street will deem a gel blaster as being an illegal Firearm. From state to state this will vary in severity and from officer to officer, they will either be ok with them but still unsure, or they will freak out. What is pretty consistent across the board is that in general, the police do not really know if a Gel Blaster is legal or not and this varies from state to state as well.

I sincerely do not believe this is the fault of the police or that the police are ignorant or anything like that. What I do believe is that the firearms laws in Australia are so convoluted and broad, that there is no body who really knows what the law is on certain items on any given day. This is the reason that law abiding firearms owners are always complaining about the laws. It is not necessarily that semi Autos have been all but taken away.

It is the fact that anytime you breathe the word firearm, someone comes out with a new useless law or someone is accused of trying to undermine John Howards gun laws. The fact is, there are several pieces of legislation that govern what a gel blaster is according to the law. One of them is the customs prohibited import regulations and the others are each state and territories firearms act.

So we are looking at 9 different pieces of legislation and 9 different definitions of firearm and 9 different interpretations of the way a product appears. There is also 9 different ways that replicas are treated under all of these acts. I am no expert on the laws of each state or territory; however, I am fairly well versed with the Customs Import regulations and the QLD firearms Act. The Customs import regs is clear, a fire arm is a device that discharges Shot, Bullet or other projectiles.

Best Gel Blaster SMG’s 2020 with Reviews

However, the courts disagreed with this and ruled that other must mean something similar to Shot or Bullet.

You can read my previous post for more details on this. Of course gel balls are not ammunition and therefor a blaster is not a firearm. Customs are now saying that a gel ball gun is an imitation firearm. They are not negotiable on this and they require an import permit to release the goods into the custody of any citizen of any state. This is the Law and they are correct.

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